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  • 10 Contemporary Interior Designers You Should Know

    Being an interior designer has to be one of the best jobs ever – styling beautiful houses and picking cool furnishings all day? Yes please. But there’s more to it than that. The best designers carefully build their own brand and aesthetic, working with their clients to ensure that everyone is happy with the outcome.


    We’ve picked some of our favourite interior designers, all of whom have something unique about their practice. From contemporary chic to old-world charm, we’ve got all the bases covered.


    Image: Miles Redd / Instagram

    Miles Redd
    After graduating from New York University, Miles Redd gained a serious interior design pedigree: he cut his teeth in the design world working with antiques dealer John Rosselli and decorator Bunny Williams, before becoming creative director for Oscar de la Renta home. He now heads up his own design firm in New York, which is known for his quirky brand of cosy glamour. Miles’ rooms are sophisticated, but they’re also bold and fantastical, making use of splashes of colour and modern gestures.
    Follow him on Instagram: @milesredd
    Click here to read more on his website.
    Image: Katie Ridder / Instagram
    Katie Ridder
    Katie Ridder’s work initially appears to demonstrate a taste for the eclectic: she combines objects from different cultures, periods and styles for a completely unique look. However, her unerring eye ensures that there’s always a sense of cohesion in her rooms. Katie has designed for spaces as varied as Japanese pavilions, Palm Beach estates, Park Avenue apartments, and downtown lofts. She even has her own amazing line of fabrics and wallpapers.
    Follow her on Instagram: @katieridderinc
    Click here to read more on her website.
    Image: Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller / Instagram
    Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller
    Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller are a husband-and-wife design duo who head up Carrier and Company Interiors. Together they create and curate spaces that mix old and new design, resulting in rooms that are refined and sophisticated, and always filled with light. Subtle patterns and neutral colours are the order of the day here, but Carrier and Co rooms also usually feature a burst of something exciting or unusual. Their clients have included notable celebrities, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour, photographer Annie Leibovitz and actress Jessica Chastain.
    Follow them on Instagram: @carrierandco
    Click here to read more on their website.
    Image: Victoria Hagan / Instagram
    Victoria Hagan
    Victoria Hagan is an eponymous name within the interior design firm. She founded her famous firm 25 years ago, and it is still going from strength to strength. Victoria Hagan works on luxury residences throughout the USA, adding her signature classic American style wherever she goes. Think big: past projects include a 20,000 square foot historical Manhattan townhouse and an 8,000 acre ranch, and a Central Park penthouse perched on a top floor of the legendary Plaza Hotel.
    Follow her on Instagram: @victoriahaganinteriors
    Click here to read more on her website.
    Image: Tilton Fenwick / Instagram
    Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham
    Design duo Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham start Tilton Fenwick, a boutique interior design firm, in 2010. Their work offers a fresh perspective on a traditional aesthetic. They often embrace bold patterns and colours, so Tilton Fenwick rooms are always dramatic and exciting. Their Instagram account is a pattern-lover’s heaven – check it out!
    Follow them on Instagram: @tiltonfenwick
    Click here to read more on their website.
    Image: Thom Filicia / Instagram
    Thom Filicia
    Thom Filicia launched his acclaimed New York City-based interior design firm in 1998. Since then, Thom has worked with clients including Tina Fey, Jennifer Lopez and Delta Airlines. Thom’s interiors are always instant design classics that reflect the individuality of his clients. His work has brought him acclaim from a huge number of magazines and journals, including House Beautiful, Elle Décor and the New York Times.
    Follow him on Instagram: @thomfilicia
    Click here to read more on his website.
    Image: Ashley Hicks / Instagram
    Ashley Hicks
    Ashley Hicks is the son of the famous interior designer David Hicks. He started his working life in his father’s studio before starting his own design practice. As well as working as an interior designer, Ashley designs furniture (and sometimes makes it by hand, as in this picture!), wallpaper and fabric, and has written a number of books about design. He really is a jack of all trades in the interiors world!
    Follow him on Instagram: @ashleyhicks1970
    Click here to read more on his website.
    Image: Benjamin Vandiver / Instagram
    Benjamin Vandiver
    Based in Nashville, USA, Benjamin Vadiver launched his interior design and lifestyle brand in 2012. He also now has a second studio in New York City to keep up with the intense demand for his work. Benjamin and his firm are chameleon-like in their style, tailoring their approach and aesthetic for each individual client. Luxury and quality are his guiding principles, backed up by his innate and impeccable taste.
    Follow him on Instagram: @benjaminvandiver
    Click here to read more on his website.
    Image: Betsy Burnham / Instagram
    Betsy Burnham
    Betsy Burnham – founder of Burnham Design – is known for interiors that she described as “at once elegant, exotic and urbane”. Based on America’s West Coast, Besty Burnham creates high-design interiors where a polished look is offset by touches of street style and unpredictable additions. Her rooms are meant to be lived in, and are always so welcoming you want to come in, take off your shoes and settle down with a magazine and a coffee. In these spaces, a little bit of country club meets a little bit of rock-and-roll for a look that’s totally unique.
    Follow her on Instagram: @burnhamdesign
    Click here to read more on her website.
    Image: Sasha Bikoff / Instagram
    Sasha Bikoff
    Interior designer Sasha Bikoff was born in New York, where she honed her understanding of materials and design. She has travelled extensively, and this shows in her multicultural approach to interiors. Sasha’s rooms mix the rich materials of Italian and French mid-century design with the fun colours and edgy shapes of Art Deco Revival and Space Age design. Always creative and eclectic, her interior style captures the imagination and keeps you looking for new details.
    Follow her on Instagram: @sashabikoff
    Click here to read more on her website.
  • 10 Ways to Use Mirrors Outside

    When we think of mirrors, we tend to imagine them inside the house: perhaps in a bathroom, hanging over a mantel piece, or on top of a dressing table. But mirrors are also a great option for adding something extra to your garden. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, they can be used to make your outside space look bigger or to add a bit of style where you might be nervous about hanging a work of art.

    Here are ten of our favourite ideas for using mirrors in your garden.

    Garden mirror

    1. The Spatial Illusion

    This is a fantastic idea for if you’ve got a small garden and want to make it appear bigger than it is. Nestle a large mirror in the gravel and lean it up where there could realistically be a door. The reflection will give the illusion that the path continues beyond the garden’s boundaries. 
    Find the original post from Ideal Home here.

    Mirror trellis

    2. Mirror Trellis

    We love this brilliant DIY idea by Megan Pflug that we spotted on Design Sponge. Put your skills to the test with these step-by-step instructions, or just buy a large mirror and a trellis of about the same size and lean them up against each other. The mirror will make sure your blooms get the maximum amount of light while they’re growing.
    Find the original post from Design Sponge here.
    You can follow Megan on Instagram here.
    Contemporary art mirrors

    3. Mirrors as Contemporary Art

    Choose a modern mirror with a clean, contemporary look, and create your own outdoor artwork. We love this example, where mirror cubes have been stacked to reflect different aspects of the surrounding landscape, drawing out the beauty of the natural environment.
    Find the original post from Fungi here.
    Water feature with mirror

      4. Water Feature

      Hang a large mirror above a pond or a water feature in your back garden. The sunlight will bounce off the still surface of the water as well as off the mirror, creating a double reflection. Perfect for making summer days last longer.
      Find the original post from Glamour Drops here.

      Mirror window

      5. Secret Window

      Add a mirror to your garden fence and add fake shutters, like in this great example from Empress of Dirt. You’ll create the illusion that there’s a whole secret area of your garden just on the other side of the fence.
      Find the original post from Empress of Dirt here.
      Gazing balls

        6. Mirror Ball

        Add a fun arty feature to your flower beds with a mirror ball (also known as a gazing ball). Either pick a beautiful colour to complement your planting, or go for a classic silver sheen. A mirror ball will add a contemporary touch to your border and will catch the light even on the dullest of days. Either buy one ready-made or DIY one, as in this example.
        Find the original post from The Garden Glove here.

        Hegde mirror 

          7. Double Your Greenery

          Double up on the greenest features in your garden by nestling a mirror amongst the branches of a hedge or bush. This brilliant idea is also perfect for stopping a gap if you’ve got a less-than-perfect hedge; use it to cover up any areas where it’s looking a bit bare.
          Find the original post from Plum Siena here.

          Outdoor gallery wall

          8. Outdoor Gallery Wall

          Gallery walls are a great way of drawing together your favourite images, mirrors and frames indoors. Did you know they can also work well outside? Combine a few mirrors in different styles with empty frames, small wall-mounted sculptures, planters and even your favourite gardening tools. This works particularly well if you’ve got an ugly stretch of fence to cover and your climbing plants aren’t growing fast enough.
          Find the original post from Whimsical Home and Garden here.
          Sculpture reflected in garden

            9. Emphasise Artwork

            A sculpture (either contemporary or traditional) can bring a lovely touch to your outside space. The beauty of sculpture is that it can be appreciated from every angle. Emphasise it in your garden by placing it in front of a mirror, allowing you to see it from all sides at once.
            Find the original post from Aiken House and Garden here.
            Outdoor mantel piece

              10. Outdoor Mantelpiece

              We love this idea: set up an ornate fire surround in your garden and top it with a vintage-style mirror. The effect is quirky and fun, providing a focal point for your garden just as it would in your house. You could even get yourself an outdoor firepit or chiminea to complement it, perfect for dining al fresco.
              Find the original post on Pinterest here.
            1. Top 10 Interiors Accounts to Follow on Instagram

              Over at MirrorDeco, we’ve just joined the world of Instagram. Follow us on @mirrordeco_com for interior decor ideas and inspiration!


              In celebration, we’re also doing a round-up of ten of our favourite Instagram accounts for interior inspiration, from designers to bloggers. What they all share is a love of beautiful homes, amazing architecture and, usually, a smattering of coffee-table vignettes. Use our guide to curate your digital world to make it as beautiful as you’d like your home to be!

              1. Abigail Ahern
              Interior designer Abigail Ahern offers a cool selection of images of her own amazing home and other projects she’s worked on. Her signature colour palette is dark and moody, with lots of textural touches and an eclectic vibe. Think modern gentleman’s club with a hint of glam. Follow her @abigailahern
              Find Abigail's website here
              Ilenia Martini Instagram
              2. Ilenia Martini
              Ilenia Martini is a photographer and consulting strategist working in marketing and branding. Her interests are diverse, but some of her most striking shots are of gorgeous, carefully curated interiors: interior design is one of the many services she offers! Follow her @ilemartini
              Find Ilenia's website here
              3. Lazy Daisy Jones
              Blogger Lazy Daisy Jones (really called Ashley) posts beautiful images of crafts, inspiring interiors and gorgeous gardens. We particularly love her recent crochet shots and tutorials: Ashley is dedicated to modern crochet and imbues everything she does with a retro vibe. Follow her @lazydaisyjones
              Find Ashley's blog here
              My Scandinavian Home
              4. My Scandinavian Home
              Everyone loves a bit of Scandi style, and @myscandinavianhome is a gift that keeps on giving. Curated by a Londoner living in Sweden, you can expect cool, minimalistic Scandinavian interiors with lovely personal touches. Follow her @myscandinavianhome
              Find the My Scandinavian Home blog here
               Rita Konig Instagram
              5. Rita Konig
                Interior designer and journalist Rita Konig’s beautifully curated Instagram offers a glimpse into the stunning homes of real people. From kitchens to coffee tables, she’s got an eye for lovely vignettes. Follow her @ritakonig
                Find Rita's website here
                 Contemporary Life Instagram
                6. Contemporary Life
                This home-loving Swede is based in London. Her signature style features minimalist neutral colours and lots of greenery: perfect for adding a bit of daily calm to your hectic lifestyle. Follow her @contemporary_life
                Find the Contemporary Life blog here
                 Emily Katz Instagram
                7. Emily Katz
                Lover of travel, interiors and the macrame revival, Emily Katz’s Instagram is a trip to bohemian interior heaven. Her beautiful photos are guaranteed to always be arty and with a cool 70s vibe that we can’t get enough of. Follow her @Emily_Katz
                Find Emily's website here
                Amber Interiors Instagram 
                8. Amber Lewis
                Amber describes herself as “Momma, wife, designer, blogger, Reality TV buff, cat wrestler, kindergarten graduate.” Her addictive Instagram feed features huge and gloriously designed American homes. Follow her @amberinteriors
                Find Amber's website here
                 Little Big Bell Instagram
                9. Little Big Bell
                Little Big Bell is curated by Geraldine, whose lovely interiors blog has been voted one of London’s best. She has a passion for pastel colours and her gorgeous snaps of her home and other inspirational places are bound to lift your mood. Follow her @littlebigbell
                Find the Little Big Bell blog here
                Bright Bazaar Instagram 
                10. Bright Bazaar
                Will Taylor is a creative consultant and interior design author who loves one thing: colour. From quirky patterns to unusual paint colour ideas, Will’s Instagram is imbued with a touch of his own cheery personality. Follow him @brightbazaar
                Find Will's website here
                Mirror Deco Instagram 
                Follow us...
                On @mirrordeco_com for design tips, interiors inspiration and of course lots of beautiful mirrors.
                Find the MirrorDeco website here
              1. 10 Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring

                It seems that Spring is finally here! As the evenings get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to do a bit of a spring-clean and to rethink your interior décor for the new season. Spring-time provides the perfect excuse to bring some more light and colour into your home and we’ve drawn together ten suggestions on how to do this:


                Sheer curtains
                Image source: SF Girl Bay

                1. Hang sheer curtains
                Heavy drapery can darken a room. Hang sheer curtains instead, which will let the maximum amount of light into the room from your windows. They also provide less of a visual barrier to the outside, making any room feel more light and airy.


                 Bare lightbulbs
                Image source: Insides Count / Tumblr

                2. Install bare filament lightbulbs or glass shades
                Bare filament bulbs have recently become a design must for trendy bars and cafés everywhere. They can look great in your home, too, and they avoid the need for a lampshade. This allows their light to be softly diffused at all angles. You can get a similar effect with a blown glass shade, which can also add a beautiful artisan touch.


                Ideal Home pastel shades
                Image source: Ideal Home

                3. Change your colour scheme with pastel accessories
                  Spring is the perfect time of year for pastel colours: think new-leaf-green, blossom-pink and primrose-yellow. If you don’t want to reinvent your whole home, you can add a touch of pastel through some new accessories. Try changing up your sofa cushions or adding a soft throw to your bed.


                  Plants in bathroom
                  Image source: Design Sponge

                  4. Bring house plants into the bathroom
                    It’s the perfect time of year for bringing a bit of the outside in. While the parks are filled with delicate springtime buds, you can grow something a bit more exotic in your bathroom. Plants such as ferns and orchids will appreciate the steam and add a bit of colour in the process.


                     South Shore Decorating Blog
                    Image source: South Shore Decorating Blog

                    5. Move tall furniture away from the window
                      Maximise your light: move your taller pieces of furniture away from the windows. Interior design experts agree that it’s generally better to position items such as wardrobes and bookcases on the opposite wall to the room’s major light source.


                       Cleaning materials
                      Image source: Better Homes and Gardens

                      6. Clean out the corners
                        You’ll be shocked by how much dirt and dust builds up in the little corners of the room you don’t pay much attention to. Give everything a deep clean, making sure you reach into the edges of window sills and the grubby area around the door handle. You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes.


                         Mirror Deco paned mirror
                        Image source: Mirror Deco

                        7. Add a large mirror
                          This classic trick works every time. Add a large mirror to draw more light into any room. Pick one with a narrow frame; perhaps choose one shaped like a window in order to promote the idea that your room has more than one natural light source. Try this full length paned mirror from Mirror Deco.


                           Bathroom with white window
                          Image source: At Home with the Barkers

                          8. Update the paintwork
                            Get out a can of gloss white paint and touch up those areas that get scuffed through everyday wear and tear. Freshen up your skirting board, window frames and radiators and see the room get an instant lift.


                             LED lightbulbs
                            Image source: Apartment Therapy

                            9. Try LED lights
                              Feel like yellow light from lamps is making your room feel a bit dingy? Swap out your old light bulbs for contemporary LEDs. They give off a clean bright light and are much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, saving you money in the long run.


                               Swoon Worthy ornaments
                              Image source: Swoon Worthy

                              10. Simplify your ornaments
                                If everything is feeling a bit cluttered, try being more selective when you curate the ornaments you allow on your surfaces. Pick your favourite photos and trinkets and use them to create interesting vignettes which will draw the eye to different areas of the room.
                              1. How to use mirrors to make any space look bigger

                                We all feel like we could do with a little more space sometimes. But when moving house or knocking down a wall isn’t an option, there are some tricks you can use to give the illusion of a brighter and more spacious room. We’ve come up with a few ideas of how to use mirrors to make every room of your home feel larger.
                                Large black mirror frame window
                                Sitting room: Mirrors shaped like windows
                                Mirrors in the shape and style of windows can give the illusion of another natural light source coming into the room. They trick the eye into thinking the room is dual aspect and will make the wall they are placed on appear longer and taller.
                                Try the black window frame mirror above.
                                Image source: Glamourdrop
                                Kitchen: Use a mirror as a splashback or above the sink
                                This works particularly well in a galley-style kitchen, where you want to add a feeling of width. You could try adding a mirror behind the hob or the sink to provide an unconventional splashback. Place it so it reflects your most colourful crockery.
                                Get a similar look with this large rectangular frame mirror.

                                Bedroom: Instead of a headboard
                                Hang a large mirror above your bed instead of a headboard to draw more light into the room. It will provide a beautiful visual counterpart to your bedding and gives the impression that the bedroom extends backwards beyond the bed.
                                Get a similar look with this large window frame mirror.

                                Copper framed geometric mirrors
                                Bathroom: Group mirrors together
                                Hang a group of smaller matching mirrors together in order to reflect a range of fragmented views. This will create the illusion of a larger space, but without presenting you with a full reflection of unsightly features such as the toilet.
                                Try these copper frame mirrors on chains above.

                                Image source: Shelterness
                                Hallway: Double your space
                                Use a tall mirror to double the appearance of a small hallway. Not only will it look like your corridor extends in both directions, but it will provide a useful full-length reflection for last-minute checks before you leave the house.
                                Get a similar look with this freestanding hallway mirror.
                              2. Why mirrors might be the biggest interiors trend of 2017

                                Experts have been lining up the biggest trends brewing in the interiors world for 2017, and the verdict is in. From glamour and jungle vibes to artisan maximalism, there’s something for everyone this year.


                                If you don’t want to change up your entire home, adding some new accessories can change the feeling of a room and give a subtle nod to the new styles. We’re going to show you how mirrors can be used to speak to five of the biggest home decor trends of 2017.


                                Large window mirror

                                1. Jungle vibes

                                Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017 was recently announced to be “Greenery”: a subtle shade of green derived from the natural world and encouraging us to add a bit more greenery to our urban lives. Basically, we should bring the outdoors in. This is confirmed by a mania for jungle-print wallpapers and fabrics, where birds and foliage abound. Consider adding some leaf-print cushions to a plain sofa, and adding a mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural world outside.

                                Try this full length paned door metal frame mirror


                                Art deco copper frame mirrors

                                2. Art Deco glamour

                                Velvet, shiny surfaces and air-travel-inspired details characterise this 2017 trend, according to The Telegraph. Think cocktail cabinets and glamorous parties, and let geometric lines make a bold statement for this 2017 trend. Nothing says art deco glamour better than a large mirror. Pick a black finish, or another metal such as copper for a hint of subtle luxury.

                                Try the Kelly, a copper frame mirror with art deco curves


                                Pop collage mirror with coloured glass

                                3. Pop

                                Make a subtle nod to the Eighties with a geometric mirror with a pop of colour. When David Bowie’s fabulous furniture was auctioned at Sotheby’s at the end of 2016, primary colours and radical shapes were key. It might be a bit much for most people, but adding a few bold colours to your room can be a fantastic tribute to this innovative design era.

                                Try this graphic metal wall art mirror with blue glass


                                Antique frame window mirror

                                4. Artisan not DIY

                                According to Elle Decor, designers are moving away from the DIY aesthetic of 2016 and investing instead in higher-quality artisan products. Get a handcrafted look by introducing a mirror with a interesting roughness to the finish. Original artwork can be expensive, but a mirror can add a striking artisanal touch for a reasonable price, and provide the secondary function of bringing extra light into the room.

                                Try this large window antique silver frame mirror


                                Black round wall mirror with shelf

                                5. Layers and maximalism

                                The Wall Street Journal tells us that layered maximalism will be big in 2017. Think mismatched prints and textures and heavily adorned walls. Double your money with a mirror and emphasise the busy patterns in your space.

                                Try this loft-style round black mirror with shelf

                              3. How to hang a mirror: A step-by-step guide

                                Mirrors can add light and drama to a room. They're perfect for making small spaces look bigger and for drawing in daylight. But to get the best effect, you need to hang your mirror at the right height and in the right place. Discover our step-by-step guide to siting and hanging your mirror:

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