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  • 8 Ways to Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

    Whether you've got a grand hallway, a dingy corridor or just a doormat in your sitting room, your entryway is an important (and often overlooked) area of your home. First impressions matter, so you want your entrance to reflect the style and personality of the rest of your home.


    When guests come over, consider the fact that your front door and your hallway will be the first thing they see, and if it's dark, cramped or just plain boring then that impression might stay at the back of their mind for the rest of the evening. Similarly, you're going to enjoy living in your home a lot more if you come back at the end of a long day to a bright and positive space.


    With this in mind, we've come up with 8 great ways to make your entrance more welcoming. These little tips and tricks can make a big difference!



  • 10 Ways to Use Mirrors Outside

    When we think of mirrors, we tend to imagine them inside the house: perhaps in a bathroom, hanging over a mantel piece, or on top of a dressing table. But mirrors are also a great option for adding something extra to your garden. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, they can be used to make your outside space look bigger or to add a bit of style where you might be nervous about hanging a work of art.


    Here are ten of our favourite ideas for using mirrors in your garden.


  • How to Photograph a Mirror

    This is a question that we're regularly faced with at MirrorDeco: how do you photograph a mirror so that it looks nice without capturing either yourself, the camera or something you don't want to be seen in the reflection? So whether you're trying to frame the perfect mirror-selfie, trying to get Instagram-ready shots of your home or photograph a new product you've received in the post, we've got some handy tips.


  • What you need to know about industrial style (and how to get it)

    “Industrial style” – it’s a term that’s used a lot in interior design circles, but what does it actually mean? We’ve come up with a guide that will tell you everything you need you know about industrial style and how to introduce it into your home. 


  • Mirror Guide: How to Immediately Liven Up Any Space

    Bathroom mirrors, contemporary mirrors, industrial mirrors, oh my. At MirrorDeco, we’re often asked for advice on how mirrors can be used to liven up a space. We’ve combined our extensive experience working with mirrors and home décor to put together this ultimate mirror guide for you to enjoy.

    Spoiler: Window pane mirrors placed in small rooms that have minimal natural lighting can create the illusion of having additional windows while also brightening up the space. 

    So, whether you’re interested in using large mirrors to lighten a dark room, to make a small space appear larger or simply want to find the best mirrors for redecorating on a budget, this mirror guide has you covered.

  • How to Use Mirrors to Brighten a Dark Room

    Mirrors are now thriving within homes offering aesthetics and interior design that is new to the UK. They’re a decorative piece that can transform and reinvigorate your home for a fraction of the price that it would cost to do a renovation. From window mirrors to full length mirrors, arch mirrors, free standing mirrors, sunburst mirrors and more, mirrors are an excellent way to brighten a dark room.

  • Five of the Best Christmas Decorating Trends for 2017

    Are you looking forward to Christmas yet? Sleigh bells, mulled wine and maybe a little bit of snow all add to the festive cheer. But surely the best bit is decorating your home for the Christmas season. We take a look at five of the most beautiful home decor trends that should be gracing your house this year.


  • Facebook Giveaway - Win A Stylish Boudoir Round Wall Mirror

    We're delighted to be giving away one of our best-selling Boudoir round wall mirrors worth £79 in our fantastic November Facebook giveaway!


    For a chance to win, simply like our Facebook page. Click here to enter now!



  • 8 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

    The nights are drawing in and the leaves are beginning to turn on the trees. It can only mean one thing: autumn is on its way. While it’s the perfect time to be outdoors, crunching fallen leaves underfoot, it can be a tricky season to bring into your home. We’ve got some top tips for introducing a bit of autumn glamour and cosiness into your favourite rooms.


  • 10 Tips for Working with Mirrors from Top Interior Designers

    Mirrors of all shapes, sizes and styles are loved by designers. They can add light, texture and a touch of glamour to pretty much any room in the house. In this blog post, some of our favourite interiors experts give their tips and recommendations for using mirrors to make the most out of your home and garden.


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