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  • 10 Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring

    It seems that Spring is finally here! As the evenings get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to do a bit of a spring-clean and to rethink your interior décor for the new season. Spring-time provides the perfect excuse to bring some more light and colour into your home and we’ve drawn together ten suggestions on how to do this:


    Sheer curtains
    Image source: SF Girl Bay

    1. Hang sheer curtains
    Heavy drapery can darken a room. Hang sheer curtains instead, which will let the maximum amount of light into the room from your windows. They also provide less of a visual barrier to the outside, making any room feel more light and airy.


     Bare lightbulbs
    Image source: Insides Count / Tumblr

    2. Install bare filament lightbulbs or glass shades
    Bare filament bulbs have recently become a design must for trendy bars and cafés everywhere. They can look great in your home, too, and they avoid the need for a lampshade. This allows their light to be softly diffused at all angles. You can get a similar effect with a blown glass shade, which can also add a beautiful artisan touch.


    Ideal Home pastel shades
    Image source: Ideal Home

    3. Change your colour scheme with pastel accessories
      Spring is the perfect time of year for pastel colours: think new-leaf-green, blossom-pink and primrose-yellow. If you don’t want to reinvent your whole home, you can add a touch of pastel through some new accessories. Try changing up your sofa cushions or adding a soft throw to your bed.


      Plants in bathroom
      Image source: Design Sponge

      4. Bring house plants into the bathroom
        It’s the perfect time of year for bringing a bit of the outside in. While the parks are filled with delicate springtime buds, you can grow something a bit more exotic in your bathroom. Plants such as ferns and orchids will appreciate the steam and add a bit of colour in the process.


         South Shore Decorating Blog
        Image source: South Shore Decorating Blog

        5. Move tall furniture away from the window
          Maximise your light: move your taller pieces of furniture away from the windows. Interior design experts agree that it’s generally better to position items such as wardrobes and bookcases on the opposite wall to the room’s major light source.


           Cleaning materials
          Image source: Better Homes and Gardens

          6. Clean out the corners
            You’ll be shocked by how much dirt and dust builds up in the little corners of the room you don’t pay much attention to. Give everything a deep clean, making sure you reach into the edges of window sills and the grubby area around the door handle. You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes.


             Mirror Deco paned mirror
            Image source: Mirror Deco

            7. Add a large mirror
              This classic trick works every time. Add a large mirror to draw more light into any room. Pick one with a narrow frame; perhaps choose one shaped like a window in order to promote the idea that your room has more than one natural light source. Try this full length paned mirror from Mirror Deco.


               Bathroom with white window
              Image source: At Home with the Barkers

              8. Update the paintwork
                Get out a can of gloss white paint and touch up those areas that get scuffed through everyday wear and tear. Freshen up your skirting board, window frames and radiators and see the room get an instant lift.


                 LED lightbulbs
                Image source: Apartment Therapy

                9. Try LED lights
                  Feel like yellow light from lamps is making your room feel a bit dingy? Swap out your old light bulbs for contemporary LEDs. They give off a clean bright light and are much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, saving you money in the long run.


                   Swoon Worthy ornaments
                  Image source: Swoon Worthy

                  10. Simplify your ornaments
                    If everything is feeling a bit cluttered, try being more selective when you curate the ornaments you allow on your surfaces. Pick your favourite photos and trinkets and use them to create interesting vignettes which will draw the eye to different areas of the room.
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