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  • 10 Ways to Use Mirrors Outside

    When we think of mirrors, we tend to imagine them inside the house: perhaps in a bathroom, hanging over a mantel piece, or on top of a dressing table. But mirrors are also a great option for adding something extra to your garden. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, they can be used to make your outside space look bigger or to add a bit of style where you might be nervous about hanging a work of art.

    Here are ten of our favourite ideas for using mirrors in your garden.

    Garden mirror

    1. The Spatial Illusion

    This is a fantastic idea for if you’ve got a small garden and want to make it appear bigger than it is. Nestle a large mirror in the gravel and lean it up where there could realistically be a door. The reflection will give the illusion that the path continues beyond the garden’s boundaries. 
    Find the original post from Ideal Home here.

    Mirror trellis

    2. Mirror Trellis

    We love this brilliant DIY idea by Megan Pflug that we spotted on Design Sponge. Put your skills to the test with these step-by-step instructions, or just buy a large mirror and a trellis of about the same size and lean them up against each other. The mirror will make sure your blooms get the maximum amount of light while they’re growing.
    Find the original post from Design Sponge here.
    You can follow Megan on Instagram here.
    Contemporary art mirrors

    3. Mirrors as Contemporary Art

    Choose a modern mirror with a clean, contemporary look, and create your own outdoor artwork. We love this example, where mirror cubes have been stacked to reflect different aspects of the surrounding landscape, drawing out the beauty of the natural environment.
    Find the original post from Fungi here.
    Water feature with mirror

      4. Water Feature

      Hang a large mirror above a pond or a water feature in your back garden. The sunlight will bounce off the still surface of the water as well as off the mirror, creating a double reflection. Perfect for making summer days last longer.
      Find the original post from Glamour Drops here.

      Mirror window

      5. Secret Window

      Add a mirror to your garden fence and add fake shutters, like in this great example from Empress of Dirt. You’ll create the illusion that there’s a whole secret area of your garden just on the other side of the fence.
      Find the original post from Empress of Dirt here.
      Gazing balls

        6. Mirror Ball

        Add a fun arty feature to your flower beds with a mirror ball (also known as a gazing ball). Either pick a beautiful colour to complement your planting, or go for a classic silver sheen. A mirror ball will add a contemporary touch to your border and will catch the light even on the dullest of days. Either buy one ready-made or DIY one, as in this example.
        Find the original post from The Garden Glove here.

        Hegde mirror 

          7. Double Your Greenery

          Double up on the greenest features in your garden by nestling a mirror amongst the branches of a hedge or bush. This brilliant idea is also perfect for stopping a gap if you’ve got a less-than-perfect hedge; use it to cover up any areas where it’s looking a bit bare.
          Find the original post from Plum Siena here.

          Outdoor gallery wall

          8. Outdoor Gallery Wall

          Gallery walls are a great way of drawing together your favourite images, mirrors and frames indoors. Did you know they can also work well outside? Combine a few mirrors in different styles with empty frames, small wall-mounted sculptures, planters and even your favourite gardening tools. This works particularly well if you’ve got an ugly stretch of fence to cover and your climbing plants aren’t growing fast enough.
          Find the original post from Whimsical Home and Garden here.
          Sculpture reflected in garden

            9. Emphasise Artwork

            A sculpture (either contemporary or traditional) can bring a lovely touch to your outside space. The beauty of sculpture is that it can be appreciated from every angle. Emphasise it in your garden by placing it in front of a mirror, allowing you to see it from all sides at once.
            Find the original post from Aiken House and Garden here.
            Outdoor mantel piece

              10. Outdoor Mantelpiece

              We love this idea: set up an ornate fire surround in your garden and top it with a vintage-style mirror. The effect is quirky and fun, providing a focal point for your garden just as it would in your house. You could even get yourself an outdoor firepit or chiminea to complement it, perfect for dining al fresco.
              Find the original post on Pinterest here.
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