• 8 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

    The nights are drawing in and the leaves are beginning to turn on the trees. It can only mean one thing: autumn is on its way. While it’s the perfect time to be outdoors, crunching fallen leaves underfoot, it can be a tricky season to bring into your home. We’ve got some top tips for introducing a bit of autumn glamour and cosiness into your favourite rooms.


    Hygge candles 
    Image: Ana Mum Diary
    1. Go crazy with candles
    Apparently, the Danes get through more candles than any other nation in the world. They’re also the happiest nation in the world. This is not a coincidence. Candles, and the flickering glow they create, make you feel contented and can fill your home with an uplifting scent. Try not to burn candles with clashing scents simultaneously, but other than that it’s the more the merrier!
    MirrorDeco Autumn
    Image: MirrorDeco
    2. Make sure you get enough light
    Although cosy candle caves are lovely, we all need a bit of natural light in our lives, especially if you spend all day in an artificially lit office. Add a well-positioned large mirror to your room to make the most of the limited daylight hours.
    Try something from the autumn range from MirrorDeco
     DIY autumn leaf lights
    Image: Wallflower Kitchen
    3. Get crafty
    Worried about having something to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Try this fabulously creative but gratifyingly easy DIY to produce a beautiful string of autumn leaf fairy lights. Try wrapping them round your bannisters or drape them over your headboard. All you need is a string of lights, some pretty autumn leaves, some waxed paper and some glue.
    Get the instructions here.
    Candles in bucket
    Image: Pinterest / Inspiration Lane
    4. Get outdoors
    When the weather gets colder, it’s easy to neglect your balcony or garden. But even the smallest outdoor space can be charming in autumn. Grab some old blankets, a flask of tea and some candles in a sheltered spot, then make the most of the beautiful seasonal colours as you watch day turn to night.
    Autumn wreath
    Image: By Stephanie Lynn
    5. Make (or buy) an autumn wreath
    Create that vibrant autumn feeling even before you walk in the door. Make a beautiful harvest-themed wreath for your entrance (or buy one if you’re strapped for time or think your craft skills aren’t quite up to it!). We love this example covered with miniature pumpkins and gourds.
    Autumn blankets 
    Image: Dream Book Design
    6. Pile on the blankets
    Channel some Danish “hygge” and add a pile of blankets to every room in the house. Leave a few draped over sofas and armchairs or the end of your bed, to make every surface look inviting. You could even consider swapping your regular towels for some blanket-pattern ones in autumnal colours, for a cosy touch when you get out of the shower on a chilly morning.
    Cosy cushions 
    Image: Lindsay Marcella
    7. Introduce some texture
    Tweeds, knits and sheepskin are the perfect way to add a little autumnal touch to your room. You could go as far as changing the curtains, but a few cushions or a fluffy rug will also do the job. Pick fabrics with a woolly texture for maximum snugness.
    Autumn bowl 
    Image: Pinterest / Simply Stardust
    8. Bring the outside in
    Create a beautiful centrepiece for your table or sideboard by collecting some pinecones and mixing them with cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices and potpourri for a fragrant display of autumn’s natural beauty. Consider spraying the pinecones gold for added glamour, and when Christmas comes around you could add a few sprigs of holly for a festive touch.
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