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  • Five of the Best Christmas Decorating Trends for 2017

    Are you looking forward to Christmas yet? Sleigh bells, mulled wine and maybe a little bit of snow all add to the festive cheer. But surely the best bit is decorating your home for the Christmas season. We take a look at five of the most beautiful home decor trends that should be gracing your house this year.


    Pom pom wreath

    Image: Mollie Makes
    1. Go eclectic
    This year, it's perfectly ok to go a bit quirky with your decorations. This is good news for anyone who has to integrate badly made kids' ornaments into their scheme! Consider adding a tropical touch with golden pineapples or palm leaves, or borrow ideas from South America and hang up strings of multi-coloured pom-poms as an alternative to tinsel.
    Table setting 
    Image: Belgian Pearls
    2. Create a centrepiece
    For a touch of festive fun, put together a Christmas centrepiece for your table. Feel free to think outside the box on this one, as it doesn't need to be overtly Christmas-themed. Instead, consider combining fresh foliage with candles and metallic ornaments to reference a festive colour palette and make a subtle statement that won't overwhelm your dining table.
     Scandinavian Christmas tree
    Image: My Scandinavian Home
    3. White Christmas
    Scandinavian minimalism has been the last word in cool for a few years now. This extends to Christmas as well, which the Nordic countries do very well. To get this look in your own home, sparsely decorate your tree with white and natural wood ornaments, complemented by textured touches of red and grey. Finish off with piles of woolly blankets and cushions around the tree.
    Christmas tree
    Image: Fine Art America
    4. Explore your heritage
    The fantastic thing about this trend is that it will be different for everyone. In 2017, why not dig out your family tree and try to incorporate a bit of your heritage into your festive decorations? Christmas traditions vary so widely around the world, and incorporating some old ideas can make your tree truly unique. Try asking older family members what they remember being on their Christmas tree when they were young, and go from there.
     Christmas presents
    Image: These Four Walls
    5. Understated wrapping
    It feels like we're retreating from the age of buying huge numbers of mass-produced presents at Christmas (which has got to be a good thing). Instead, people are going for quality over quantity, and your Christmas wrapping paper should reflect this trend. Choose a simple paper, tie it with ordinary string or baker's twine, and decorate it with a simple sprig from the garden: rosemary or another hardy herb works well.
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