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  • How to hang a mirror: A step-by-step guide

    Mirrors can add light and drama to a room. They're perfect for making small spaces look bigger and for drawing in daylight. But to get the best effect, you need to hang your mirror at the right height and in the right place. Discover our step-by-step guide to siting and hanging your mirror:


    Lilly - Large Oval Silver Mirror


    Step 1: Choose the room

    You probably thought about this before you bought the mirror. But it's worth thinking it over if you've moved house or if you have a couple of options available. Ask yourself some questions:


    • - Does your chosen mirror work best in the bathroom, sitting room or the bedroom? Do you want it to function as a mirror on a daily basis, or will it work better as a decorative piece?
    • - Does the style of the mirror go with the room? You might not want to mix a gold-framed mirror with silver light fittings, for example.
    • - Does the scale of the mirror match the size of the room and its furniture? A smaller mirror might be dwarfed on a large empty wall.


    Large Window Frame Mirror - Distressed Black Frame
    Large Window Frame Mirror - Distressed Black


    Step 2: Choose a hanging location

    Mirrors are highly adaptable and will look very different depending on where you put them and what they will reflect. Here are some ideas:


    • - Over the mantlepiece. It's a classic place for a mirror; it draws the viewer's eye into the room and towards the warming hearth.
    • - Next to the front door. This will give you a last minute hair and make-up check point before you leave the house. Tip: choose a mirror with an integrated shelf so you can grab your sunglasses before you go.
    • - Opposite a window. If you have a window that looks out into the garden, a mirror opposite it will cast a lovely light into the room


     Step 3: Mark up the wall

    Once you've decided where you're going to put your mirror, work out the exact height and placement and mark it up on the wall with a builder's pencil.

    • - Have a friend or partner hold up the mirror so you can try it out for height. What feels right close up may be a bit off from further away.
    • - Note where the fitting holes are on the back of the mirror and make your marks on the wall accordingly. This will ensure you get the right height.
    • - Tip: When hanging a mirror above a mantlepiece, it's usually best to position the bottom of the mirror around 4-5 inches above the mantel.


    Hanging Wall Mirror with Chain
    Hanging Wall Mirror with Chain


    Step 4: Hang your mirror

    You should always use heavy-duty fittings when hanging a mirror, as they are heavy and can cause problems if they fall!


    • - Always check what kind of wall you are drilling into, as different surfaces will need different fixings, and make sure you avoid hidden wires and pipes. You can buy specialist tools to help you here.
    • - A mirror with an integrated chain can be hung from a single strong nail. The nail head will be exposed, so either paint it or deliberately go for a statement option.
    • - Larger mirrors will need to be fastened in more than one place, and there will be holes for nail heads in the back of the mirror. Make sure you match these up to the holes you're drilling in the wall!


    Fob mirror copper frame
    Fob Wall Mirror - Copper Frame


    Step 5: Stand back and admire the view

    It's time to check your reflection! Your mirror should now be hanging at the perfect height, reflecting light into the room. How does it look?


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