• How to use mirrors to make any space look bigger

    We all feel like we could do with a little more space sometimes. But when moving house or knocking down a wall isn’t an option, there are some tricks you can use to give the illusion of a brighter and more spacious room. We’ve come up with a few ideas of how to use mirrors to make every room of your home feel larger.
    Large black mirror frame window
    Sitting room: Mirrors shaped like windows
    Mirrors in the shape and style of windows can give the illusion of another natural light source coming into the room. They trick the eye into thinking the room is dual aspect and will make the wall they are placed on appear longer and taller.
    Try the black window frame mirror above.
    Image source: Glamourdrop
    Kitchen: Use a mirror as a splashback or above the sink
    This works particularly well in a galley-style kitchen, where you want to add a feeling of width. You could try adding a mirror behind the hob or the sink to provide an unconventional splashback. Place it so it reflects your most colourful crockery.
    Get a similar look with this large rectangular frame mirror.

    Bedroom: Instead of a headboard
    Hang a large mirror above your bed instead of a headboard to draw more light into the room. It will provide a beautiful visual counterpart to your bedding and gives the impression that the bedroom extends backwards beyond the bed.
    Get a similar look with this large window frame mirror.

    Copper framed geometric mirrors
    Bathroom: Group mirrors together
    Hang a group of smaller matching mirrors together in order to reflect a range of fragmented views. This will create the illusion of a larger space, but without presenting you with a full reflection of unsightly features such as the toilet.
    Try these copper frame mirrors on chains above.

    Image source: Shelterness
    Hallway: Double your space
    Use a tall mirror to double the appearance of a small hallway. Not only will it look like your corridor extends in both directions, but it will provide a useful full-length reflection for last-minute checks before you leave the house.
    Get a similar look with this freestanding hallway mirror.
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