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  • Why mirrors might be the biggest interiors trend of 2017

    Experts have been lining up the biggest trends brewing in the interiors world for 2017, and the verdict is in. From glamour and jungle vibes to artisan maximalism, there’s something for everyone this year.


    If you don’t want to change up your entire home, adding some new accessories can change the feeling of a room and give a subtle nod to the new styles. We’re going to show you how mirrors can be used to speak to five of the biggest home decor trends of 2017.


    Large window mirror

    1. Jungle vibes

    Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017 was recently announced to be “Greenery”: a subtle shade of green derived from the natural world and encouraging us to add a bit more greenery to our urban lives. Basically, we should bring the outdoors in. This is confirmed by a mania for jungle-print wallpapers and fabrics, where birds and foliage abound. Consider adding some leaf-print cushions to a plain sofa, and adding a mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural world outside.

    Try this full length paned door metal frame mirror


    Art deco copper frame mirrors

    2. Art Deco glamour

    Velvet, shiny surfaces and air-travel-inspired details characterise this 2017 trend, according to The Telegraph. Think cocktail cabinets and glamorous parties, and let geometric lines make a bold statement for this 2017 trend. Nothing says art deco glamour better than a large mirror. Pick a black finish, or another metal such as copper for a hint of subtle luxury.

    Try the Kelly, a copper frame mirror with art deco curves


    Pop collage mirror with coloured glass

    3. Pop

    Make a subtle nod to the Eighties with a geometric mirror with a pop of colour. When David Bowie’s fabulous furniture was auctioned at Sotheby’s at the end of 2016, primary colours and radical shapes were key. It might be a bit much for most people, but adding a few bold colours to your room can be a fantastic tribute to this innovative design era.

    Try this graphic metal wall art mirror with blue glass


    Antique frame window mirror

    4. Artisan not DIY

    According to Elle Decor, designers are moving away from the DIY aesthetic of 2016 and investing instead in higher-quality artisan products. Get a handcrafted look by introducing a mirror with a interesting roughness to the finish. Original artwork can be expensive, but a mirror can add a striking artisanal touch for a reasonable price, and provide the secondary function of bringing extra light into the room.

    Try this large window antique silver frame mirror


    Black round wall mirror with shelf

    5. Layers and maximalism

    The Wall Street Journal tells us that layered maximalism will be big in 2017. Think mismatched prints and textures and heavily adorned walls. Double your money with a mirror and emphasise the busy patterns in your space.

    Try this loft-style round black mirror with shelf

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